The Centre for International Education (CIE) will be available to meet exchange students at the airport upon arrival. AirportIn order to receive an airport greeting, you must submit a completed Arrival Information Form to CIE at least two weeks prior to your arrival. You are advised to email or phone the office to verify receipt of your arrival information. Upon your exit from the airport, you may encounter a number of individuals offering to help you by carrying your baggage. Do not allow anyone you do not know to carry your baggage. A UCC official should be at the airport awaiting your arrival if you sent your arrival confirmation form in as directed.

If for some reason you do not locate a UCC official upon exiting the airport, you should get a taxi to the University of Cape Coast Guest House in Tesano. The cost for a taxi to the Tesano Guest House will be around GH₵25.00 or $8.00 USD. You should change money at the airport near the baggage claim area. You will want to have the local currency, Ghana Cedis, on you when you exit the airport. It is recommended that you exchange only cash at the airport. Traveler’s checks will get you a much lower rate of exchange. While the airport is not the best rate of exchange, you will need some cash for your first day or so in Ghana. Most places in Ghana expect to be paid in cash. Credit cards are used in only a few up-scale places.