Introduction to Fante

Good morning

Me ma wo akye

Good afternoon Me ma wo aha

Good evening

Me ma wo adwe

Thank you

Me da woase

How are you?

Wo honam muέ?

I am fine

Mo ho ye

I am pleased  to meet  you:


You can also learn more from Nkyea, Ghana: Important Phrases But don't worry as you will have some language lessons on your arrival.

Local merchants and other members of the community will show great appreciation for your interest in learning the language.

It is also important that you learn about the current events happening in Ghana. Knowledge about current events will be useful when you are engaged in conversation with others. Read newspapers and visit the Ghanaian Embassy website at for additional information.

Other websites where you can find valuable information include: Ghanaweb or Joy Online. The most widely read newspaper in Ghana is called the Daily Graphic.
You can access articles from this paper on the web.