While You're Here

Getting the Most Out of Your Experience

UCC wants all study abroad students to have successful and rewarding experience in Ghana. We can not stress enough that your experience will be what you make of it. When traveling to a developing country, it is important to understand, not just acknowledge, that things are often handled very differently. It is important to avoid making quick judgments.

Consider the following tips to help make your experience more rewarding:

  • Use good judgment and put your safety first.
  • Remember that, in most cases, only 10% of your experience will be what happens to you, 90% is how you react.
  • If you keep a good attitude and maintain openness and flexibility, you are well positioned for an experience that will change and enhance your life.
  • It is important to maintain a sense of curiosity, tolerance and patience.
  • Perhaps the most important tip is to keep things in perspective. At times, certain issues can seem very overwhelming. Learn to relax and step away from the situation in order to gain a new perspective.

You are encouraged to develop at least a basic understanding of the local language prior to your departure. In Ghana, you will find over 46 different local languages with over 100 different dialects. Fante is the local language spoken in Cape Coast. Outside of the Central Region however, Fante may not be widely recognized. The most common Ghanaian language is said to be the Ashanti Twi.