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VUM EU Summer School

VUM EU Summer School
VUM EU Summer School

VUM EU Summer School is targeted at VUM full-time and incoming exchange students from VUM partner universities around the world. UCC's Master and Undergraduate students are invited to join this Summer School for a period of 2 or 3 or 4 weeks or for its whole duration of 3 months between 1st June and 31st August 2016. It is an opportunity to contribute to the diverse multicultural student community at the VUM EU Summer School. So far there are registered student participants from more than 15 countries around the world including Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Lebanon, Jordan, Georgia, Armenia etc. The Summer School will also welcome visiting professors from the USA, France, India, Kazakhstan etc.

During the VUM EU Summer School various courses will be offered to target undergraduate and Master students in the fields of Business, Management, Administration and Tourism. All courses will be delivered exclusively in English. In the attached promotional materials you could find a list of courses to be taught along with the relevant periods of teaching as well as the minimum number of ECTS to be obtained. Please, note the students will be awarded additional 1- 1.5 ECTS for each of the listed courses, provided they prepare and submit an additional course work or assignment.

The following tuition fees apply to the VUM EU Summer School depending on the duration of the student's participation in it:

  • 2 weeks:   - 550 EUR 
  • 3 weeks:   - 675 EUR
  • 4 weeks:   - 800 EUR
  • 6 weeks:   - 1050 EUR
  • 2 months: - 1300 EUR
  • 3 months: - 1550 EUR

Costs for accommodation amount to 6 EUR/night in a double room in our new and modernly equipped student house in VUM campus in Dobrich. Contact us for further details.

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